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  1. Konark media says

    It is wrong information for prostate enlarge problem

  2. Ashok Patil says

    Sub title in English please

  3. Karthi Manju says

    Sound very low

  4. Eziquiel Marcondes de Souza says

    Please, add legends . Thank you.

  5. Rishabh Mishra says

    Very nice information on yoga and exercise for prostate enlargement disease. My uncle was suffered from this problem and he not satisfied with allopathic treatment. Then he started taken herbal medications from Planet Ayurveda health care center. Now he get relief from this disease.

  6. Bala Krishnan says

    Super Pathivu. Mikka Nandringayyaa

  7. IMRAN WANI says


  8. gaga donim says

    Please translate

  9. Kolluri Rajender says

    thank you sir

  10. saleha baig says

    🙏🙏👍👍Fourth one hard

  11. Arturo Lezama says

    Gracias maestro
    Lo are todos los días
    Pará sanar mi Próstata.

  12. SK Chew says

    Very good exercises if these postures be included in our daily stretching.

  13. Basudeb Bhatta says

    I'm Bengali kindly spoke hindi.

  14. Basudeb Bhatta says

    Hindimy bolna sir.kindly.

  15. George Kuruvilla says

    Is it possible to have this translated into English or Hindi please ? I don't understand Telegu (but can understand and speak Tamil and Malayalam)

  16. vijaya bharathi says

    Ladies ki prostate gland undadukadandi mari ladies ki kuda yive asanalu veyala

  17. Shivaraman ABS says

    Whether these yogas can be performed by persons with heart ailments?

  18. venkat narayana says

    Thanks sir

  19. Krishna Goud says

    తిసుకొనవలసీన జాగృతం

  20. Okmanu says

    Arey aana ladies ko kyo kara raha hai unko nahi hota prostate problem 😂😂😂😂

  21. Paramjit Singh says

    Language English or Hindi write

  22. Sunday Oladosu says

    How possible is this exercise for someone at almost 60yrs of age

  23. M.Duraipandi Thenmozhi says

    Thanks. Your Dedication to the people healthy is Praising…
    Hearty Thanks &Congratulations

  24. lionelmsg@gmail com says

    Dr Cheng Mark alternative treatment therapy uses herbal remedies to cure any prolonged and incurable diseases of all types.
    An estimated 80% of people around the world use herbal medicine. studies have shown that certain herbs are effective in treating a number of health issues like Parkinson's, multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, polio, Asthma,Prostate Enlargement allergies, premenstrual syndrome chronic fatigue, all types of cancerous diseases, cirrhosis,nasal polyp etc
    I'm a practicing medical doctor and I like to refer my patient to Dr Cheng,a Chinese herbal doctor who is the last resort when medication fails oe inadequate .it may interest you to know that even as a doctor that i am, i was recently cured of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)by this same Dr Wengs herbal remedies. if you are experiencing any sickness and desire quick healing, you can send me an email to my mailbox so that I will give you the contact of the herbal doctor.My email is waltermark360@gmail.com

  25. md russel says

    How much time spent time this yagoa

  26. Jhansi Lalitha Devi Popuri says

    Varibeejam vunna vallu cheyacha

  27. Krishnaprasad Mynampati says

    ప్రోస్టేట్ ప్రాబ్లమ్ 60సం.,దాటిన వారికే సామాన్యంగా ఉంటుంది, మీరు చెప్పిన ఒక్క ఆసనంకూడ ఆవయసు వారు వేయలేరు.(వారుక్రిద ఏడ కూర్చోగలతారు ,పద్మాసనం ఎలా వేయగలతారు?,కాళ్ళు ఎక్కడ వంచగలతారు.)

  28. Nagaraj Mreddy says

    @ Sukhibhava. Please tell us whether these asanas can be performed by a person who had hernia operation.

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