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  1. Happinessspeedsthehours says

    Not ok to lure someone in and let them be vulnerable and then stomp on their heart..then pretend you didn’t do anything wrong…I don’t believe in revenge

  2. Happinessspeedsthehours says

    Just the 2 of us..works for me

  3. Happinessspeedsthehours says

    if someone wants to be with someone why would they push them away..that doesn’t make sense to me..

  4. dan gabriel says

    I am currently with a BPD girl and i try to learn how to be the best of me for her. I think i slowlly begin to love her.

  5. xenn says

    I relate to everything but I'm a teen lol.

  6. Mir Ali says

    When you’re such an asshole it’s clinical

  7. Sensei Xiān(山さん) says

    So the person yelling in the illustration at the table must be the narcissist, and the one crying has BPD or dissociation. For those who don't understand the dynamics of cluster B disorders… Has anyone read the book; "the Buddha and the borderline?" Just curious. 🙂

  8. sofia bamhamed says

    makes me wanna die…

  9. Mr LMMO says

    Holy fuck as he went through the list I was shocked that I ticked every. Single. One. I drive myself crazy. Abandonment and love then hate especially. I don't know who I truly am and never can describe it if I was asked. People can't comprehend it and I can't either.

  10. fdr says

    what is this bpd , adhd ,odd things ?
    these are made up by some people all this..
    if i see someone acting like not the same as me
    then he have : ddo, adbd, or tepi, dxdc or dszsdzsszzz ?

  11. Just Josh says

    I'm so glad that I have people who relate to me, i thought no one ever would and I thought It was impossible. With my hatred, emptiness and just mashed up emotions. I hate it when i Blame people who did nothing or obsess over someone too much, it's absolute hell.

  12. Miguel Nicolás says

    I don't like the face image of this video. It seems like we are out of control all the time and that's not true. And not all people with bpd reacts extremely and outwardly to all triggers. Some triggers cause invisible reactions, although we can manifest them later, in other type of reactions, such as discussion or unintentional manipulation.

  13. Cac Tus says

    Oh noooo

  14. Bobby Nug says

    I was in denial for a long time. When my gf first told me this I thought she was messing with me. How could she say that in this and that. When I would explode I wouldn’t remember it until she would tell me and I would feel horrible. I would freak out on her for everything and I wouldn’t understand why. I pushed and pushed her to the edge until she finally hurt me and I swear in the victim. I know I was wrong and my mind beats me up for ever hurting her. I never wanted to hurt her or make her scared of me. I know our relationship is hanging by a thread and she believes that I will recover. I am a recovering alcoholic also. Thanks to her believing in me. I have let her down a lot but I know I can recover and give her a happy life. I know I can because I want it so bad. I know the outcome depends on me and what I manifest. I hope and pray she doesn’t give up on me. I’m taking back my brain. I’m not giving up on my self. Peace and love!

  15. P D says

    Dating someone BPD almost destroyed me

  16. BINDU says

    These are nothing but new rich people disease!
    When india china take over, nothing like this will exist

  17. Michael Lopez says

    This best describes what’s going on with me the last 7 Years. It’s like I have been running on a hamster wheel. I’m hooked on someone who I honestly can’t stand and I feel like this person triggers all the negative shit that’s in me especially an aggressive reaction to her gaslighting and degrading comments about me the resentment I have built up throughout the years towards her and myself for not respecting and loving me. The craziest thing is that the moment she begins to reject for me for whatever reason I feel like my entire world is falling apart. WTF? I need to really this and looking up these videos and reading about other peoples issues make me feel like I’m not alone and I can overcome this internal chaos and snap out of this toxic relationship. Thanks!

  18. Ethanandfreddy says

    Realized I have it

  19. Ttyt Ghgfg says

    i don’t know if this is at all part of it but if anyone feels this way pls lmk. i always feel my emotions x10, for example if i get mad i get REALLY mad, or if i get happy i get REALLY happy to the point of tearing up. sometimes i feel so loving that i will send full on paragraphs to my friends because i appreciate them so much, and then there are days where i feel the exact opposite.

  20. Waddle Dee says

    When you have 4 of the 6 symptoms: Well fuck I can't afford a therapist

  21. Dominic plays says

    Thanks I’m definitely going to talk about this with my therapist 👍

  22. SadLilPeepers says

    I was told by my doctor I have BPD but because she never treated anyone with it before she wanted me to go to a phyc ward to run tests on me, I couldn't do it because of the separation anxiety/abandonment issues, it's marked in my files that she thinks I have it but did not give me anything to prove it because I wouldn't go, I explained to her I was scared because I wake up everyday not feeling real, like I'm in a dream all the time, I use to work at a gas station but quit because I was constantly having panic attacks and raging over asshole customers so I'd lock myself in the freezer to calm down. I'm constantly worried my s/o is going to leave me, but then I think what if none of this is real, and I am actually alone. I theorize hundreds of different theories or interactions in my head and i just want to wake up. I do have family truama. My dad and brother are both addicted to coke and meth. My mom and sister do pills. I think what triggered my BPD the most was when I found out my dad isn't my real dad. And that my biological father only lived a few minutes away from me. But denies me to this day. My brother and sister grew up blaming me for not being my dad's kid. I was bullied by them and my grandparents on both sides. Treated like the black sheep. And all my mom could say was they do it because they hate her. (This was before I found out about my dad). I also got a letter in the mail when I was 12 with no return address but it was from my cousin's. Saying I'm fat because my dad isn't my real dad. Sorry I started trauma dumping. There's so much more that has happened. But I can say I've never done any type of drug. I do smoke weed but I didn't start until I was 18 and out of highschool. It's honestly helped me a lot. Also getting away from my family. It's been the hardest blocking them out of my life but it's too much to deal with them. I feel a lot better getting this off my chest

  23. Jennylyn Pili says

    I never feel any remorse ordering your product Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube, i finally tested negative to Epilepsy now

  24. Samuel Mansell says

    Whatever is wrong with its getting worse with age, I don't want to carry on anymore

  25. Caley Lane says

    When people tell you to just go and “be yourself,” but when you have BPD, it makes you feel even worse because you don’t even know who you are

  26. M S says

    Yeah they tell you to not self diagnose but I’m 1000% sure I have BPD.

  27. Alex Mucci says

    I'm sufferig through a manic episode right now and I feel like it's all gonna end.

  28. Raven's intuitive readings says

    I sit here alone most of the time
    Trying not to get lost inside my mind
    Some of us have to live with this
    A condition they call mental illness
    Something on my worst enemy, I would not wish
    We know that you get sick of our shit
    Imagine what its like for us,
    The ones that have to experience it
    It wasn't a choice that any of us picked
    We didn't ask for our brain to be sick
    It is for a cure that I desperately wish
    So that I, and others, can experience a better existence

  29. Chuck Norris says

    I have a love-hate relationship with everyone. I either love them from the deepest of my heart or I hate them or almost turn psychotic thinking that they are hurting me on purpose. I can go trough several of these cycles a week with the same person. I also have multiple persobality disorder and avoidant personality disorder, depersonalization, derealization, schizoaffective disorder and complex PTSD. It can be really though at times but I have actually managed to be in a relationship despite all this. She has schizophrenia but is sweet and understanding. She triggers me every now and then when she doesnt answer my texts but we always sort it out.

  30. V says

    His voice is scary lol

  31. Gusset Blaster says

    I truly believe this condition was heightened and cemented by television. I was 39 when I was finally diagnosed with BPD and for years I had been telling people that I felt like I was in a television programme, observing myself.

  32. Alex Baker says

    I'm starting to wonder if my ex had this. His emotions would change at the drop of a hat and he would have the most aggressive, hate-filled outbursts towards me. I left him after he threw things and threatened me and have been struggling to deal with it since. Considering that he might have BPD doesn't take away from what he did to me, but it would help to explain it.

  33. SpaceSamurai64 says

    I'm a 24 year old male, and I suspect that I might have BPD. I'm very afraid of rejection and paranoid about people finding stuff out about me that will cause them to shun me (I'm into some weird stuff). The fear of rejection is 1,000X worse in the romantic and sexual contexts, and I worry all the time that no woman will ever love me in those ways and that unless I seize everything in front of me that even remotely looks like an opportunity, it will never happen. And at the same time, I feel afraid when a woman actually agrees to go on a date with me. I think because part of me is afraid of commitment and vulnerability, even though another part of me wants those things. It makes no sense, I know. Overall, I feel like I'm too ugly, socially inept, and just plain weird to ever be loved, and I also feel worthless a lot of the time. Does this sound like BPD?

  34. GamerKitty Euphoric says

    I always want to end my life when I have BPD breakdowns…

  35. Kristine xxUS says

    Getting disappointed so many times by people I obsess over, so now I don’t form any type of attachment

  36. King Shark says

    😔😔😔😔😔 life is just too hard for me

  37. Mariloé van Niekerk says

    Bpd is created because of narcissistic parents *

  38. Elvis Jagger Abdul Jabbar says

    The Health System is Genius!

  39. RedWolf says

    The damage that they wreak on extended families and children is utterly disastrous.Ans they often will not get help.They j just come up with more e elaborate reasons why they act towards others in such a horrible way.

  40. jidah s says

    The splitting is the worst. Where u literally hate someone you love so much over such a small thing. You block out every thing they'd done in the past and hate them so much in that moment

  41. jassmin1233 says

    Not very helpful video.

  42. Stefan Bujor says

    I always thought I had this because a friend told me it is really close to the way I act, but I am too afraid to talk to a therapist because I don't want them to talk to my parents and explain the stuff I tell them. Is there any way to find out if I'm normal?

  43. I hate my name says

    I don’t know how to help or even if I should help my friend

  44. Spiderkillers, Inc says

    I have autism, and now I’m beginning to think if I’ve got this as well.

    Basically… fuck.

  45. XxBitterSweetxX 333 says

    I have a hard hard time controlling myself I’m very narcissistic in one way and I don’t even consider my self as a person in other
    I can’t accept change and I keep floating in this emptiness
    I wanna die but I keep having hope but its running thin…
    I’m hoping I can get my self a ‘;’..

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