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  1. Sub Me PleaseπŸ₯Ί says

    Me eating twice:

  2. Nolan R says

    I only can fall asleep when I am full…

  3. Antonio Pacis says


  4. Libra Strong923 says


  5. Nikesh Pandey says

    i have constipation and how can i have empty stomach?
    i want empty stomach but i can’t have

  6. Emc Contractors says

    Eat a Snikers

  7. Meghana Dabholkar says

    But even if I eat mid night I get up with hunger n after eating only I feel I get proper sleep.. Sometimes also get up again morning with hunger..

  8. Vernitta Justin says

    Valuable information… Thank you

  9. Bor Met says

    I eat one meal a day, or sometimes a small second meal…it's life changing

  10. Shelley Solomon says

    U do not look like u go to bed hungry. Lolol

  11. Jam S says

    I can't even get sleep with empty stomach 🀷

  12. Jason Crabtree says

    This guy is full of himself….

  13. Coach Chrissy says

    So true I get sluggish once a I wear I am not productive as much

  14. FIT ART. DR. says

    Always went for exams empty stomach.. just with a cup of teaπŸ€— ….

  15. Harold Bruce says


  16. Peter Ellis says


  17. satishhx says

    Sadguru what about people who have low blood sugar problems.

  18. Helina Nanky says


  19. Dr.KarMichael And Jones says

    I’m hungry right now

  20. Mkzu says

    Thank you so much, my stage 4 leukemia turned in just a little cough after one week of not eating!

  21. Conrad Miller says

    I feel my best when I'm fed (not over fed). I feel distracted when I'm hungry. Just my experience.

  22. Sportyone316 says

    I can think and concentrate better with FOOD in my Tummy πŸ€ͺβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. Alfred Alfredo says

    Stop eating with greed you won’t b fat

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