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  1. Le0genic says

    It is called gehut in kumaun region uttarakhand

  2. Insight and intuition 2 says

    It’s called “fat serenity “

  3. health tips says

    Helpful information ,Thanks

  4. Vani Madgal says

    I soak horsegram overnight and then drain the water. Then I keep it closed for about a day or day and a half. Voila! you have sprouted horsegram.

  5. Jyotsna Srinivasan says

    Is this the first thing in the morning to be consumed before coffee or tea? Thank you

  6. Marlon Martin says

    What's the english name?

  7. produceman13 says

    I usually put greengram in a hookah to smoke…

  8. Aum says

    Horse gram induces gynecomastia.. it's not good for men

  9. Shanonline says

    First of all this is not complicated thing for us. We are taking fasting before sunrise to till sunset for 30 days during the Holy month. That's more than 15 hours. We can take Monday and Thursday but not mandatory(before sunrise to till sunset). Second matter, I will tell you simple tricks, whenever you eat lunch or dinner or breakfast, split 3 . One third of your stomach food, one third water, one third just keep air means blank. It's a proven technology, suppose you grind rice with full space in Jar, it can't grind. Instead of you will remove some rices , put some water and keep some blanks spaces. Hope you understand sadguru and followers.

  10. All Mix RJ says

    They aren't just protene… they are for everything

  11. Anurag Gupta says

    Background music 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Moni Chauhan says

    Sabut malka ko he horse gram khete hai kya

  13. enigmamusement says

    Simple superfood very common in supermarkets: fruit is very underestimated by people who think they are expert and believe you cannot get all the nutrients the body needs simply because they have never experienced a fruit diet only. Fruit is a word that embraces everything that we need: energy or electricity for the nervous system, protein for growth and repair !

  14. Atoka Chishi says

    So vultures created to be carnivores must be vegan? Uluka patha koi kaam nahi mil thoooo ahaaatthhhooo

  15. Pat Naidoo says

    What is horsegram
    Am from South Africa

  16. Vikash Kumar says

    Black or brown horse 🐎 gram which one is good for gym going??

  17. Dr Oseghale Sunday Herbal Home says

    If you or your loved ones is suffering from Hsv 1 and 2, Hpv, Hiv/Aids, Psoriasis, Ms, Diabetes and any other disease should order my herbal medicine and cure the disease permanently…

  18. Debra Andersohn says

    I already have problems with heat (hot flash) should I eat only the green gram?

  19. Karthik K says

    This is not suitable for Pitta/Hot Body Type as it further increase heat and worsen the body problems

  20. Aysen Teksanli says

    Green lentils love it and red lentils

  21. Aakash UPADHYAY says

    Not gonna lie tough it take a lot of chewing for consuming sprouts

  22. Jo Smith says

    Horse gram has anti-nutrients and tannins. Removing the hull helps. Sprouting and cooking helps get rid of these.

  23. Suchhanda Behera says

    Thanks Sadguru jee

  24. Krishnasai poranki says

    Can honey be mixed with horse gram and green gram sprouts?

  25. VIpanfried says

    Why is the name ‘horse gram’ unfortunate? Horses are wonderful, as are all of God’s creatures. We all have a purpose.

  26. Tarkeshwar Khan says

    Gauri Shankar SITA Ram

  27. Amey Naik says

    The germans are here i heard the weird laugh 😂

  28. LAKSHANA S SEC 2020 says

    Huruli is the signature food, of our community ❤️✌️😍

  29. Rajashree Rajan says

    Guruji 🙏

  30. Jay Venka says

    Guruji trying his hand with recipes for increasing his reach

  31. Anjaneyulu Samala says

    Your are the inspiration of this generation

  32. Neeraja Jayaraman says

    I think people with very weak digestion cannot manage to handle it. I've tried sprouting kollu and consuming as a salad , 2-3 times , but each time ended up with severe gas and bloating . Hence, I am scared to consume it.

  33. pammatiti says

    I eat lentils here in USA but do not know any called horse gram. I have green, brown, red lentils.

  34. Mukunthan Narayanasamy says

    Lot of gas d belops ju

  35. Rob says

    Stop being sheep

  36. Abdul Malik says

    Ill logical.

  37. Loek van der Poel says

    Lotus flower sprouts is very good

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