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Ten Tips to decrease Triglycerides without Tablets, how to reduce triglycerides naturally


Hello I am Dr Nagendra thalor cardiologist at sikar, today we will discuss about triglycerides. what is triglycerides, what disease they cause if level increase, what is normal range and how to decrease Triglycerides without Tablets.
Triglycerides are fat which we take from diet as well as synthesized inside body by liver
Triglycerides are type of fat , if it increases it mat cause pancreatitis, coronary artery disease, stroke and peripheral artery disease.
Normal level of triglycerides are below 150 mg/dl
If level increase from 150 to 199 it is borderline high, from 200 to 499 mg/dl is high and more than 500 mg/Dl is very high
We need to chek our triglycerides level by blood sample and if elevated take measures to reduc it till normal range
We discuss ten simple measurs
1. Cut Sugar from diet
2. Decrease Carbohydrates in diet
3. Cut Fat from diet
4. Increase proteins, fruits, and salad in diet
5. Take Omega 3 fatty acids
6. Stop smoking 🚬
7. Stop alcohol
8. Reduced weight
9. Take proper treatment of diabetic, hypothyroidism, liver disorders,and kidney disorders
10. Exercise regularly
We shoud follow this plan and definitely triglycerides will be reduced drastically.
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