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  1. George Harry says

    Concerns about risks associated with our health should be above commercial interests.
    Scientific uncertainty should not delay regulatory action, when evidence exists substantiating the plausibility of serious, irreversible harm. A sensible forward-thinking approach to the risks we face in society is one that implements precaution.

    We need individuals that are informed and responsible: You can select products that do not contain EDCs, without missing on any "benefits", rather than taking the risk to be exposed at such a sensitive stage such a pregnancy (in terms of risk) to chemicals that are clearly been linked to endocrine disruption and to health effects that your children or even grandchildren might suffer from.

  2. Sage Radachowsky says

    Everybody should reduce our exposure to shitty chemicals that hurt us. Like glyphosate and like plastics that off-gas and like PCBs that Monsanto dumped into the entire world……. this video is really a sad word salad. I would like to know specific risk but in general precaution is a good idea based on the general principle that chemicals often prove to be harmful and people who have vested interests tend to hide those facts. And there are things we don't know in advance. Thalidomide. PCBs. DDT. Shit like that.

  3. Risk Bites says

    Clearly you are of a rational mind and aren't unduly influenced by the disgust some feel at learning what goes into sausages, and the conflict that arises between enjoying the taste, but not the thought of what led to that taste!

  4. CrimsonVoid says

    I don't understand the bit about sausages. When I found out how they're made I didn't mind and I still think they taste amazing. I've even made some myself. And it was delicious.

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