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  1. Sadhguru says

    00:00 Intro

    01:46 The art of reading the pulse

    07:10 Holistic health solutions

    13:50 How Ayurveda works

    23:17 The significance of Dussehra & Navaratri in Ayurveda

    25:20 Feminine and masculine herbs in Ayurveda

    32:53 Ojas and the power of 100-year-old ghee

    36:40 Ayurvedic parallels in medical sciences

    38:44 What is Ojas?

    40:47 Types of Ojas

    47:28 Medicine has no religion

    49:13 No fee in spirituality

  2. R2F Ayurveda. says



    Pranaam Sadhguru Ji Respect Dr Vasant

  4. Dean Rojas says

    Remember to put your health first I know we all do make mistake that’s why no one is perfect but thanks to Dr Oseghale Sunday Herbal Home because He freed me from the torment of HSV 1 /2, I was diagnosed for about 16years and when I got His herbal medicine I was cured after fourteen days…

  5. Happy Healthy Hadlee says

    Two of my favorite people talking about one of my favorite topics in the world. 💙 Thank you for your humble brilliance! I love the focus on not just the physical part of Ayurveda but also the spirituality aspect that is so integral and necessary in today's world!

  6. Ramavtar Keer says

    Cow has surya-ketu nadi . If someone touches whole from head to tail and then touching own head and spine will start healing our body very quickly. The nano gold particles on cow urine and cow milk is due toh this . By this touching it is astrological remedy also. U get double benefits.

  7. AB says

    Congrats sadhguru on 100 lakh subscribers

  8. mu alam says

    sadhguru is a secret indian agent (RAw) who is a speaking for modi. practically, the election manager. he is speaking ' garbage'. everybody knows that we pollute earth-soil, air, water.
    newton- the 3rd law- ' to every action , there is a equal reaction. nation cannot be destroyed.

  9. Kshitiz Goswami says

    My god…. our culture it's the most sophisticated culture ever.

  10. 6duce says


  11. B Rajesh says

    Oh my God lucky to watch this

  12. Bikash Chettri says

    Why I feels this topic sudhguru not replying good way ,,
    Because the question which he ask I have to ,,

  13. CareFree Walker says


  14. Shree Ganeshaay Namah says

    43:56 🙏❤🕉

  15. Dinesh Kumar says

    does any one know how to cure myopia through ayurveda?

  16. Foosik Arora says


  17. Dr Sheetal Desai says

    Vasant lad is Pioneer in the field of Ayurveda.. Naman to both the gurus

  18. Vasile Scarpet says


  19. Forest28 says

    Sadhguru is genious…..

  20. Nitin Deshpande says

    Amazing session..Two stalwarts in their respective fields..God bless!!!

  21. Foggy-Voggy says

    So much respect to the legends, @ Dr.lad we want more knowledge from you. I feel so good by knowing ancient wisdoms and Ayurveda.

  22. J.J says

    Nakli guru

  23. Gaurav Satia says

    Sadhguru golden period of life konsa(which one) hota hai.

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