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  1. Synchron Frosch says

    CaN i get one pls

  2. Shardul Kulkarni says

    Please send that to me

  3. Jeffrey Jackson says

    "a violent life"- Wow! Never looked at certain lives in that manner, as doing violence to oneself.

  4. Arjun Joshi says

    I can provide
    Hand made deshi ghee.
    All over in India.
    With garenty of Pyority.

  5. The Trendy Look says

    Can I have Ghee without a Gall Bladder?

  6. Maria A. Bryson says

    How much Ghee should be consumed daily? 🤔

  7. amoryblaine says

    How to store? Can I keep in glass bottle without opening seal for many years?

  8. Rakesh Kapila says

    sir beta thalassemia trait ka koi ilaaz hai kya

  9. CAUTIOUS1 says

    Where can I get hundred year old Ghee?

  10. Sheela Mashale says

    Namaskaram sadguru. I want to take darshan of u sadguru .How can i meet u and see u.

  11. Serkan Ozkan says

    I love listening Sadhguru 🙏 such a great person… thanks ☺️

  12. Jothi jackson Jackson says

    What brand to buy pls?

  13. TheGermTheoryHoaxSlayer says

    So right before the first bite of a meal one should ingest 1 teaspoon or more of ghee?

  14. Dream a little dream says

    I am confused. Some we people say, ghee is great, some people say, animal products are not good… What to do, I don't know(((….

  15. tero martikainen says

    psychosís is a condition that affects the way your brain processes information. it causes you to lose touch with reality.

  16. My cooking says

    ghee is good for fatty middle aged person?

  17. nrspinelli says

    im confused. i thought sadhguru says NOT to eat animal-based products? But Ghee is animal-based.. can someone explain please?

  18. अंकित आर्य says

    Mere janam ke samay ka ghee avi tak rakkhi hai mammi💓💓💓

  19. Shanmugam Sundaram says

    From where we can get 100 years of ghee

  20. Maninder Singh says

    How to purchase any address ?

  21. dev bachu says

    I love ghee but cannot get enogh

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