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  1. Public Voice says

    Bakwas kra lo….Honey if consumed in large quantities can be more dangerous than processed sugar…it has more calories and can spike up your blood sugar.

  2. NadantaGaming says

    3 Bananas and 2 Cups of honey every morning. 🙏

  3. Caleb Lester says

    What brand?

  4. Heron Heron says

    You are a Paid Agent of Capitalists (Specifically Agent o RSS in Tamil Nadu).

  5. Do lay says


  6. thaskoobz says

    Problem is finding good raw honey which is not farmed and processed. Most honey in supermarkets are. The honey these tribes have are of a completely different quality.

  7. Cristiano Devan Avesani says


  8. Max Bruh says

    Keeping the blood pure…. will definitely happen 😗

  9. Vijay Sharma says

    3 litres of honey every day ? Are u nuts

  10. Sw 1100 says

    Honey 🍯 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  11. Hugo Devil says

    Love from Norway

  12. Living to the fullest says

    Guruji sab maloom hai

  13. Malar vannan says

    ௐ சிவா சிவா ௐ

  14. Amar Datt says

    Very fortunate and blessed to learn precious things from our Sadhguruji.

  15. Vinod Kumar says

    Honey with mild cold water helps in weight gain?
    Anyone please help

  16. Joram Arentved says

    I never bel. that much, too much in, What Sugar IS, e.g. Honey! 'Jartuferatu!'

  17. Tita Grace Padojinog says

    Good morning thanks for sharing very informative

  18. Jiggs Borah says

    Thank you. So nice to hear kind words these days.
    God bless you all.

  19. Seema Choudhari says

    Thanks 😊👍 for this wonderful video 🙏 888🙂

  20. Jagroop Singh says

    Foolish notions by an unauthentic person who has hardly any knowledge of food n nutrition

  21. MELON en SURPRISE says

    To human Blood ? Since when are you a chemist ?

  22. Betty Follosco says

    Do you know if the honey is pure or not

  23. Peter Simcox says

    Sensational Video,
    Outstanding man !!!.

  24. Raghunath Ishwar says


  25. Topics and opinions says

    Destroying nests of insects we collect honey! It is not morally acceptable!! It is sin !

  26. Mintu Saren says

    How many bees are
    In the world.

  27. Amena Amiri says

    Can people suffering from diabetes eat honey the way you’ve suggested?

  28. Romavilla Miguel says

    You talking too many stuff that doesnt work..!..

  29. Clive Green says

    It's full of sugar not good

  30. Layla Ali says

    I like honey but here in America it’s very difficult to get pure honey

  31. Bharat mulki says

    May god bless jainu korubaas.

  32. M Rabadia says

    I feels guilty having honey knowing it belongs to the bees – can someone pls explain why I shouldn’t feel that way?

  33. Timothy storm Acker says

    AMEN 💥🙏🔥💯🔯⚓🏁✴️❤️💥🔯⚓🔯💥

  34. Forrest Austin says

    He is correct. Tho I will itterat it has to be raw real honey. I use it on wounds as well!

  35. Ana Dos Santos says

    Thanks 🙏

  36. Sheetal Prathap says

    Can a pre-diabetic consume honey on a daily basis, even if it is along with neem and turmeric?

  37. Yin Hoong says

    Honey is a lubricator. Felt that those who are "dry" should take more honey. Honey is good for those suffering from Constipation. Grain should be more important than honey, in respect to blood.

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