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  1. Pick Up Limes says

    This was a wonderful summary, Nisha – very well done! And happy birthday! Nice to know you'll be getting some extra pre-biotics with that wine and chocolate this weekend 😛

  2. Donna Haynes says

    What about raw cacao powder?

  3. Donna Haynes says

    Sauerkraut + kale salad + nuts + seeds

  4. Donna Haynes says

    Whole grains

  5. Puja Agarwal says

    I had to take many many courses of antibiotics because of regular infections. It made my gut weaker day by day. What should I do? I suffer from gastritis and IBS now. Stomach aches even if I drink water.

  6. Lizzy precious says

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  7. Harriet Israel says

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  8. Chris Steele says

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  9. Ricardo Guillén says

    The volume! Please!

  10. blairchild says

    The pickle jar literally listed vinegar in the ingredients…?

  11. maureen hall says

    Processed fermented foods are often heated during the making, thereby removing all the good benefits of fermentation. Best to make your own from scratch.

  12. Michael says

    my self and my lovely husband was able to eliminate our deadly virus hiv with the help of DR AJAKAJA on YouTube. may God continue to protect you sir. you can get in touch with him on his YouTube channel.

  13. Maria Cebrian says

    I love this video so much!!! Everything you do is amazing! What is your opinion about supplementation? As a vegan, I have always been concerned about not getting enough nutrients. As I did not find a sustainable supplement brand for vegans I created my own, Terraseed. 😉 I would love to hear your opinion about supplementation! Thanks

  14. Austin Mills says

    Thanks for this video! I’ve been dealing with constant acid reflux lately so this will help. Subscribed

  15. made you look says

    I'm allergic to soy.

  16. made you look says

    Kale kills my stomach. Eating raw kale is like seeing myself up for torture.

  17. Brenda Griffin says

    Fab, vid 👍

  18. Kym Mulvey says

    I didn’t know about olives. Thank you

  19. Alina Belousova says

    If wine is good for the gut, then surely grape juice would be better? Isn't it true that alcohol kills good bacterial in the intestines?

  20. Karl Scheel says

    I recently started eating potatoes raw for optimum gut-health, according to information obtained from multiple sources on the Internet. The "resistive starch", according to these, is supposed to feed the healthy gut-bacteria, while at the same time, supply protein with all 8 essential amino acids, and even some Vitamin C! As a vegan, I found this good to know.

    According to these sources, though, must be careful about the poison solanine , within the sprouts and sometimes-green skin; however, AFAIK, if one were to dig-out all of the sprouts from below their roots within the potato, and completely peel-off ALL skin of a potato, that is displaying ANY sign of green, as most people already do prior to cooking them, then s/he should be okay.

    I have been doing this all of my life, and never once fell ill to solanine-poisoning. However, your mileage may vary: PLEASE consult with your doctor before attempting THIS yourself! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS IF YOU HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED BY YOUR DOCTOR AS BEING DIABETIC OR PRE-DIABETIC, OR OTHERWISE SUSPECT OR KNOW THIS TO BE FACT!

    I have read, that some people may have trouble digesting them raw; fortunately, I don't fall into this category. And so far, so good for me! 😉 What I would like to know, is if there are any other brave souls out there, who are doing this? If so, how well is it going for you?

  21. Patti Helmick says

    Just finished 14 day of antibiotics .need help now to get back my gut health

  22. Gaya Lux says

    Sister, I've been a healthy vegan for a long time yet, two years ago I got really sick with severe multiple sclerosis which disabled me to the point where I have been pretty much bed ridden for over a year and a half. I meditated a lot about my physical condition until the Divine showed me that I had to let go of anger and pain that I had been carrying for years. To be totally in the present moment without spacing out all the time is the way to live a perfectly healthy and harmonious life. The anger and pain I was carrying almost completely destroyed me, blinding me of all the little miracles I was witnessing on a daily basis. I took miracles for granted and only now, despite my eyesight being in terrible condition with a damage optical nerve, despite not being able to walk and not being able to prepare my own food, I see everything clearly and I understand. The dualism I saw in life, the evil I couldn't stand was just a reflection of my own inner demons, I had to face them before being able to resurrect myself and found my immortal innocence: my shining golden soul!
    I'm healing now.
    Whole food plant based diet? Definitely yes but in combination with good feelings and a positive mind. If you get depressed, challenge yourself with something you have never done before. To gain peace of mind you have to deconstruct your ego, meditation is helpful to give you energy but when depressed, you have to do something to wake you up such as swimming in cold water or just bathing in ice water, sports that require you to be alert (mountain biking on mountain tracks, kayaking rivers, parachuting, paragliding, mountain climbing and so on). When you are alert, you cannot think, live life in the moment.

  23. Freya Earnshaw says

    i need more help please my tummy gut is not working well is very poorly gut now

  24. Chai Musafir says

    Can I have some red wine everyday after dinner?

  25. just someone says

    I am serious- the Florida jackpot lottery winner mark haughton- he mentions Probiotics – gut health. Its VERY important. He also mentions Dogons- aliens- subconscious- consciousness talk- everything.

  26. Donovan Agee says

    Thank you sis, for sharing this valuable information and being brave enough to follow your higher-self and get your YouTube channel going. I SEE YOU!!💯 respect and love sent to ya ! Hope u see this or anyone reading it feels the awareness and peace of mind I’m coming from. Real recognize real💪🏾❤️

  27. Cecilia Quinonez says

    I was just diagnosed with IBS and was looking for some some information on YouTube and found your channel.

  28. Virginia Hillegass says

    Ted wine& dark chocolate…. Really? But they are sugar aren't they? When dealing with candida aren't you supposed to skip sugar? Or did I miss something here?

  29. Rustyben nineoneone says

    You talk about fermenting cabbage why don't you mention how to ferment your vegetables

  30. azrausa says

    Stupid video I had a headache in 3 second of the video why would you put music and speak like dead from grave

  31. Adam H says

    your dark sunken eyes are proof that a vegan diet is completely wrong. Animal diet cooked or raw cures all.

  32. Roland Bruce says

    I want to inform the public on how me and my son got cured of our Genital Herpes 1&2 and HPV by DR ALAHO OLU on YouTube..

  33. Eliakim ben Ishchayil says

    The title is an oxymoron, it is a vegan diet or plant based that destroys your gut in the first place.

  34. Steven Đặng says

    Thanks for sharing…your kindness to the world…………

  35. Sam Kemp says

    Thank you so well explained

  36. Ms Nisar says

    Eat dark chocolate and bio yogurt, miso cannot eat cabbage unfortunately but thanks for outlining all probiotics it helps to get more of it in the diet..

  37. 2201sunflower says

    Do I have to see to sugar content on dark chocolate? Can u recommend any brand? I crave for it a lot

  38. alley cat says

    I dont like fermented foods 🙁

  39. Kesha Charlostin says

    You resemble the Kardashians😍. But do you think my gut will fully repair in a 21 Alkaline vegan challenge ?

  40. Kathryn Kirby says

    New subscriber!

  41. Mrs Teeyah Hollins says

    What should I eat if I have hbp and supposed to lower my salt intake?

  42. Kelvin Wang says

    Get fast and total recovery by using dr udoka hebal remedy,he cured me from herpes virus under 2 weeks,he also has cure to other ailment.

  43. Kelvin Wang says

    Get fast and total recovery by using dr udoka herbal remedy,he cured me from herpes virus under 2 weeks.

  44. Magnulus76 says

    Some of the best prebiotics are soluble fibers, found in whole grains and some fruits and vegetables, because these fibers will tend to break down more slowly than the fructans in garlic or onions, which can cause gas and bloating. Resistant starch in unripe bananas also has a similar character.

  45. Brian Armani says

    I can now satisfy my lovely wife now after using (dr udoka)herbal remedy which cured me from erectile dysfunction

  46. enemanozzle says

    Every vegetarian should take at least twice the week a good dose castor oil in order to prevent an intestinal blockage.

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