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  1. gudivada srinivas says

    While hearing your lecture I felt I am in your class room .very good and useful as it is a common problem in children and old parents .Awareness is most important thing that will help us to regulate our diet and wrong eating habits.Thanks a lot madam

  2. Hrithik says

    Can i eat psyllium husk during diarrhoea

  3. Ram Gopal says

    Very good. Thanku madam.

  4. Positive Positive says

    I got a cold and a sore throat and a bit of a fever . I need a good diet to stop mucas producing.

  5. Thavaselvi Bhue says

    Pls change the topic name..Till your last minute of video there is no diet plan..Just you recommend to eat banana and apple and ors liquid..What food should eat during diariahh?

  6. Bella Rose says

    What do you eat if you have diarrea from covid?

  7. GOPI D says

    Excellent explanation ma'am

  8. Please introduce yourself everytime u start

  9. Sofia c says

    What are you talking about stupid lady

  10. HAPPY ZIN says

    my fathr is old n he gt blood in poop …. wat to do

  11. Pardeep Chopra says

    Nice video, sir. I use planet Ayurveda's'motion stop tablet' and 'kutajghan Vati' for my diarrhoea problem, and it works well for me. Now I only get this concern once in a while, and I'm really pleased with their herbal care.

  12. Smita Wadekar says

    Thnx a lot mam🙏🙏🙏

  13. Shivani Chhabra says

    nice video!
    diet plays major role in management of IBD. i was really amazed by the line of treatment given by PLANET AYURVEDA .Herbal preparations are safe and of good quality..dietary alterations are suggested in similar manner.unlike loads of allopathic medicines.

  14. Illyas Ahmed says

    Super explanation ma'am …. 👍👌👏🌹

  15. Joyce wilton says

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  16. Bum BuM says

    Mam mujhe tatti lagri hai ,,, exam me ans ni likhna ,,, mujhe diet puchni thi😞😞😞

  17. Eswar Arya says

    good explanation ma'am

  18. Susan White says

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  19. helen ruba says

    Thank you mam. It's is very useful

  20. Pula Sunandadevi says

    S mam iam facing this problem .I have gastric problem if i eat any food which causes gas then i use to go motions mam .

  21. Usman Bhalli says

    I have problem chrnics direha ….me from pakistan but dr stupid not uderstanding

  22. RushdI Mowsoof says

    Thanks mam I have this

  23. Anand Shivapurkar says

    Very good explanation Ma'am. Thanks

  24. bella tu says

    Is permanent semi liquid poo ok in cronhs?

  25. Steel 22 says

    people who dislike this video cz they poopd in their pants while watching the video 😂

  26. Nikolaos Peterson says

    Other than already being plagued with IBD (Crohn's Disease) coffee is a definite no-no with me! I seem to be so sensitive to the java that I usually wind up with moderate to severe and very urgent attacks of diarrhoea. I have had some embarrassing diarrhoea in public as well, being caught off guard. Thus for me, NO coffee!

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