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  1. chgogirl chgo says

    This is amazing..I cried watching this video..females are amazing

  2. joey Leverton says

    The puppy is alot bigger than I expected.

  3. Melody says

    My puppy was from a litter

  4. christian says

    how did you manage to separate the puppies from the mom I remember mine wouldn't let anyone near them

  5. Evie-Elsa Bagnall says

    Think the boy should Marley

  6. Evie-Elsa Bagnall says

    What a dog mama

  7. W Λ Y N Ξ says

    Is the mom still alive?

  8. Adam Gray says

    Cute 🥰 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💗

  9. Sally Gomez says

    Good job mama!!

  10. Rick Sanchez says

    Just slurping up that tasty placenta.

  11. This puppy is so funny, he has just been born and he already protests when mum washes him!!!😍🤗

  12. Courtney Burney says

    Awww that so cute

  13. Rabin Kumar says

    Bro etthanai kutty பொடும்

  14. Brett Nordling says


  15. Roblox gamer Annika says

    😊😊😊😊 cute

  16. H2RxViPerWNL says

    When I born this video came 🤣

  17. Eden Thompsons says


  18. Seaweed says

    They say I’m weird but I don’t care I like that show in forever well

  19. Shdonna Bolden says

    When my dog had her puppy she had brought it to me l thought it was a little mice l am not for sure if it is a female or a male look like she had the puppy on my bed

  20. max5ne says

    its sad that the mother of this dog is dead by now :(((((((((

  21. Just an Awkward DDLC Fan 🎗 says

    I remember watching this when I was little
    I was a really weird 5 year old

  22. Z3NN says


  23. Rocco Hutchinson says

    You sound like that lady’s that takes care of snakes!

  24. Brooke Borchard says

    Great I love dogs

  25. Naima says

    whos watching this is 2020

  26. Wave MIND says

    Sana ganyan lahat ng magulang!

  27. Red Sniperz 2 says

    i love dogs anyways im in pc lol

  28. •CrazyBlack• says

    How many males and females are there?

  29. viviana aguirre says

    The dachshunds are my favourite breed

  30. Octavius Galacticus says

    Aww such a cute doggo

  31. Sheril John says

    My daschund is also pregnant and I can't wait to experience this moments of joy ❤️😍

  32. jakikay Castillo says

    2 gril my dog

  33. Marvick A. Pando G. says

    AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  34. someone says

    Help help help Ok please respond. So my we have two dogs, A mini- Dachshund and a Lab-pitbull mix. Both girls of course. Anyways, my mini-weenie has been eating a lot more, she has been eating her food and our large dog's food. She has been gaining weight and I'm assuming that it's just the dog food. Well, I live with my Sister and my sister's boyfriend came over a while ago with his male dog (neither mine or his dog fixed) we didn't see them do anything, but it was Around a month ago I think? So I don't remember if they were unsupervised at the time. My dog is still not fixed and she hasn't been around any male dogs since. She has been getting a lot of pregnancy symptoms but I'm not sure because I feel like (I don't completely know) but I feel like my dog and his dog were around each other more than a month, yet her belly doesn't look like she's pregnant?? Idk I'm so confused and I have no idea. Also IF she is pregnant (I don't know much about dogs) but she would survive giving birth… RIGHT?! she was always the runt AND she's a mini dachshund. She is four years old, and small. Oh and btw Her boyfriend's dog was a German Shepard but he was a puppy so he was small enough.. Is that even possible?! Again: I don't know much about dogs 😖

  35. Sebastian says

    ive watched this video way back in 2016 hoping my dachshund would be pregnant and gave birth. now its 2020 and my dog got stud hope she give birth to lot of litters. also i wanna see update on these dogs i didnt know this video is way back 2009……

  36. EXCALLI BUR says

    So cute 1 like 1 awwww

  37. i have the milk says

    that looks so painful

  38. •CrazyBlack• says

    I also have a black dachshund but it doesn’t give birth because its a boy and its naughty

  39. ZenInfinity says

    ITS SO CUTE!!!

  40. Judah Katzenberger says

    A singleton?

  41. Pinhead Larry says

    Good girl, you did very well 💕

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