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  1. AVCER says

    Gaur gopal das "Climate change" speech in United Nations

  2. WNIhaunter says

    Yo, if your right handed, do you hold your fork in your right? Or knife?
    I'm Indian btw, it's a pain tbh

  3. Gaurav Sharma says

    Western/europeans peoles are truly uncivilized .

  4. Vinodh Chandrasekaran says

    Once again a great video. Smelling food is not considered a great etiquette generally because food is presented to God pretty much every time. Exception could me doing unofficially to praise friends/family or if you are a liberal chef doing a vlog. Lol! I respect all cuisine etiquette but this is my 2 cents from Indian cuisine perspective.

  5. Deepak Kapoor says

    I grew up in the US, but I love eating with my hands. When we used to go visit my moms parents in India, my Nani would teach me how to eat with my hands. It tastes so much better, the smell of the food and all the senses associated with eating, you realize because you’re in the moment.

  6. Waresh jarhad says

    As in vaccination we inject dead virus to fight same kind of alive virus by eating by hand even if it says we are risk of any desease then I think eating by Hand is also one kind of vaccination process so don't worry about infection by eating with hand and if you still worry by eating with hand then stop breathing because while breathing we inhale many germs which is also unhijinicle

  7. Heramb Bhosle says

    link for original video?

  8. Soumili Dutta says

    Can you guys do a video on Subhash Chandra Bose?..he was an indian freedom fighter who built an army called Indian National Army(INA) and he played a very important role in India's independance..thanks a lot..love you guys❤❤

  9. Ram Krishna says

    In india we don't smell our food like a dog , there is a difference between an animal and a human being . If the food is not smelling good we can sense it from that distance .

  10. kripakaran samuel says


  11. ishan rawat says

    Eating while sitting on chair or couch… Leads to over eating… It's fact

  12. Guntur Prabhas DHFS says

    And there is saying… Men should eat all the food before his wet feet dries off (we generally wash hands and legs before eating)

  13. Sujatha Shriyan says

    Smell is the combined aroma that comes out of food. You dont take it close to your nose and sniff. Take in the combined aromas.

  14. Shilpa Naganur says

    Watch video on Maharana Pratap. he was our first native freedom fighter against Mughals rule. Who challenged Mughals.

  15. Shilpa Naganur says

    You should see rich history of Mauryan empire Chandra Gupta Maurya and his grand son chakravartin samrat Ashoka.

  16. Yuvraj Soni says

    Just shame on some indian who always stand against our culture

  17. Girish Sp says

    People dont need to smell like a dogs do bcs distance between mouth and nose is just few Centimeter and not like few kilometer away. So when good is near mouth you can also smell it with you nose. No need for special nose dive.

  18. jyotsna amin says

    One of the most important reason we use hands to eat is bcz it helps us charges the food with the energy in your fingers and aids digestion. These days mostly ppl work on computer screens the use of spoons has increased but when ur having a proper meal most Indians prefer using their hands. Also sniffing the food is considered bad ettiquettes and disrespectful in India as most of the Indian foods are super aromatic even from a distant and the culture of offering fresh and clean food only, insists that u dont put ur nose in or close to the food… And many ppl find it annoying and offensive as we sniff a food only when its stale or gone bad… SO U DO THAT AS GUEST N PPL WILL BE LIKE…DO U THINK M OFFERING U STALE FOOD…HOW DARE YOU???🤣 🤣 jokes apart I hope u liked the vdo.

  19. Thanesha Rupnarain says

    Plz react to de diya dil piya song from the movie keemat with akshay kumar and raveena tandon.

  20. Neelam Sharma says

    i disliked your video today, I am not sure what happened?? you lost interest or it was not up to your stranded or some how got offered some way but it made me unhappy so first time in my life disliking your video….at the end i didn't bother listening you.

  21. Jp Krish says

    And i am watching this video while eating, using a spoon. #Indian😒

  22. Adesh Agarwal says

    You don't need to dig your nose into food to smell it. I guess that's what most of us mean when we say we don't smell food. As when somebody sniffs it that way here it's mostly to check if it's spoiled and good to eat or not. If you are eating at somebody's house here and sniff your food that way they may think you are checking if the food is stale/gone bad.

  23. vijju k says

    Taking while eating was same as requesting a smack on my head

  24. jayaraj sathyan says


  25. vijay kuntamukkala says

    Coffee masala elachi everything for smell

  26. vik -17 says

    Why westerners thinks that eating with hand is gross because they themselves don't wash their hands they don't even take shower regularly on other hand Indian take shower regularly (every day) and wash their hands before and after eating anything.

  27. Bucksman says

    BS video

  28. tejas yadav says

    your videos always have worst thumbnails

  29. silentKiller says

    You don't need to smell the food exclusively. The indian foods are generally aromatic which would not required to smell them in first place. 😀

  30. Tungo Deyngo says

    That lady is a epitome of ..holier than thou attitude…

  31. Turquoise says


  32. Turquoise says

    Indian Babooshka

  33. the G-girl says

    whoever told you about not smelling food esp when you try smth new is being hypocritical lol

    i sniff and smell the wonderful aroma of my family's cooking all the time [and sometimes mine own lol]

  34. santhosh kumar says

    Pls react to veena instrument of Pirates of Caribbean theme song by veenasri mam…

  35. priyasha chakrabartty says

    Most indians don't follow these routines

  36. blob says

    Please watch Ayyappanum Koshiyum 😭🙌

  37. Arijit says

    Smelling food Is great , I always smell my food , but our parents teach us not to smell food cause if a kid don't like the smell of food then he won't eat it even though it's good for his health , and the another reason might be some masala might trigger sneezing and then there might be other reasons too , but it's ok to smell , but not like you guys do it , Rick used put his nose inside the bag of chips and other stuff while smelling , or atleast that's what it looked like in the videos from our perspective .

  38. Tharani Dharan says

    If there is one thing we can all do- which is easy to do and has a great impact – it is to not drink anything cold during the meal. It truly dulls the digestive juices and slows the whole process down. So, if you are used to drinking iced water / cola with food, try changing it for a few days with water @ room temperature and I am sure you will notice the difference. What's even better is to consume water that's lukewarm.

  39. HoonigAn says

    Is there a scientific way of sleeping and….


  40. Nila Khanolkar says

    I have always smelled my food before eating it. I love the smell of food. But I am realising that is so unIndian of me!

  41. Aritry Samaddar says

    Do you eat with your nose off?😂😂
    Obviously you will smell it every second while eating…the most continuous act of our body is breathing as well as smelling….so there is no need of smelling the food separately 🤣🤣

  42. Travel Centaur says

    You guys never post the original link of the video in your description ..

  43. Faizan Space says

    We feel smelling is good for dogs only.


    No my friend you are wrong.. 10% are the people (the so called elite group) who don't eat with their hands… We all eat with our hands at our homes….. Rice might be eaten differently… North Indians eat rice with spoon bcz it isn't cooked as frequently in these states (Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan & Western UP) as in other states of India.. But we all eat with our hands whatever is regular in our cuisine

  45. Aman says

    Hats off to Indians who made these two jobless druggies the YouTube stars 😁

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