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  1. Dr. Seku Gathers says


  2. Miriã Camargo says

    Great video 🥰🙏

  3. health tips says

    Great lecture

  4. willcanbe says


  5. Da Rider says

    Thats what im talking!!! About!!! Am 46 years old in 2 years i went from weighing 300pounds down to 151pounds this diet is 🔥🔥🔥..i would wear T shirts size XXL now its XS or XXS depends how its been tailored from scratch..i got loads energy my waistline smaller am 28 inch i only play wit veggies fruits nuys n seeds whilst drinking ONLY water..i Dont do salt sauce olive oil…none of that!!!! My abs showing am lean n cut veins poppin out lige is AMAZING..if you fat or emdomorph body type like me give itva try n you will NEVER look back..am out

  6. Renojan Spectra says
  7. CYRAX KKCB2MO says

    Do y'all eat raw potatoes

  8. Daniel Polzin says

    Listen to this Man He really knows what he is talking about he has always been onto it!

  9. jansen55 says

    I just ate boiled chicken and rice and i feel fkn great

  10. joris mous says

    Since i skipped meat and dairy i dont feel tired after eating anymore.. i feel energized straight away ( ofcourse no fast food ) leave animals alone. Peace!

  11. Nature's Law & Diet system says

    Our body is originally designed for fireless diet

  12. Denise Girmer says

    Are there fruits u should never eat together?

  13. Deepak Singla says

    i ate 100% raw food for 5days
    but mera bp low ho gaya tha
    main kya karu

  14. singh143 says

    Lost 10 kg in a month……. 90 to 80 kg😍

  15. Dinesh M says

    Iam proud of indian mounk

  16. Geetmala Sarkaniya says

    I am actually confused the other channel the yoga institute of dr hansaji…she is saying cooked food is better here sadguru ji is telling raw food is better. What will we do now? Is yogic vidya and ayurveda tell different things? why study is not same everywhere.

  17. SG says

    Is boiled food considered cooked aswell? Basically boiling green veggies to clean them.

  18. Tony Zamberlin says

    Great video!

  19. Lisanne says

    You don't wake up bright just because of eating some fruits. You need to eat fully raw and also eat instinctively that means not eating too much. If you eat too much fruits wich is easy, you will still have the same problems as with cooked food

  20. zielona z bombasu says

    Everyday I eat fruit and veg with my dinner always salad no sweat because I don't like and just water and lemon

  21. Luis Berrios says

    So No Lentil Soup or Pumpkin Soup 😕

  22. Will Sgro says

    Fully raw challenge accepted!!!!! 🥳

  23. Phendrana says

    Eating raw meat has cured me of any bloating and gas and I feel great.

  24. Humanity Rising says

    I heard it's better to cook mushrooms, because it unlocks all the therapeutic benefits.

  25. Rohith Chityala says

    Wt abt lean guys? Loosing weight further?

  26. Hemubha Chudasama says

    JAY Gurudev pranam 🙏🇧🇴🙏

  27. I’ve been a rough week is for eight years and I’m not a robber vegan I do eat raw fish raw pastured eggs and sometimes I’ve eaten raw meat and dairy it’s all been raw… I have noticed a great deal of energy when I’m 100% wrong or 98% raw. I have noticed that I have less energy and less clarity in the World Cup food that I eat. Sometimes I feel tremendously happy eating cooked food. However the happiness has nothing to do with energize in my body…..So I’m back on 100% again. And I also believe in the intermittent fasting. If I have a window where I’m not eating for about 17 or 18 hours and I do a dry fast I feel fantastic. I can actually drive house every day even 14 to 24 hours. But 24 hours is usually something that’s not something that I’m doing very often…

  28. Allison Elms says

    Does frozen fruit count as raw? Or does a smoothie count as raw? (just a detail question)

  29. Gina Parker says

    So difficult to witness people's sufferings due to their food consumption.

  30. The Relaxation Station says

    What if you can’t eat solid foods and are allergic to almost everything?

  31. sanjeev Kumar says

    What is the right time to eat raw foods
    After wakeup in the morning? or before going to sleep in the night?
    Please reply me.

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