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  1. Heather Evans Coaching says

    How do you stay balanced during the Vata season? Let us know!

  2. Oswald Digestive Clinic says

    Can't wait to try your chai recipe!!

  3. Scott Swalwell says

    Nice video. Although, in Australia I'm in Spring…

  4. Destination Art says

    I need nourishment, warmth and grounding!

  5. Cinnamon,Spices and inner fire ! I need a lot of balancing ! Slow and low 🙂

  6. Rachel Smets says

    Very interesting. I’m traveling all the time, I love to learn about this.
    And I love to support a fellow Youtube boss too. Look forward to see more of your videos and hope to see you on my channel too.


  7. Peaceful Play says

    Great tips! I'm totally a Vata and am always cold!

  8. Heather Evans Coaching says

    Based on a question I received… no need to eliminate your HIIT, runs, or other intense workouts during the season! We need those! Rather, think about adding some "slow and low" movement alongside your quicker workouts for some balance! 😀

  9. Tom says

    Thanks for sharing this.👍 Unfortunately I don't eat a lot of the vegetables you mentioned.

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