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  1. Neha Thakur says

    Very True! Ayurveda is best… I am also taking Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD from Yukti Herbs and I am completely fit now…Thank you team for the good work

  2. Rainbow Traveller says

    I've seen one video of it calling Ayurveda pseudo science. So I'm little bit skeptical about what Sadhguru is saying . I need to go deeper into this subject to judge it .

  3. Mohammad Anees says

    गुरु जी NYCIL पाउडर पर आर्या भीषक आयुर्वेदा सार संग्रह भाव प्रकाश निघंटू इत्यादि पुस्तकों का रिफरेंस है किंतु तलाश करने पर मिला नही किरपा करके इसके बारे बताएं बच्चों के लिए घर पर बनाया जा सके धन्यवाद

  4. Ankita S says

    Can we cure hypothyroidism?

  5. InRan says

    Ayurveda is by far the best! It cured my rheuma and high blood pressure

  6. Man Singh says

    Sandeepkumar rajput

  7. Turles lift says

    Cliff side

  8. Soubhik Mukherjee says

    Ayurveda is simply magical. It's holistic, the only thing that matters.

  9. TimothyBowman says

    Heal with the right foods I think

  10. KESHAV BAHETI says

    We will come we will rebuild
    -Lord Suheldev

  11. Ratna Chaudhary says

    Sir , mujhe 3/3 hour me bhukh lage rahata hai , iska ilaj kya hai ? 10yrs se parisan hu , koi ilaj nahi mila hai ? Pet kabhi saf nahi hota hai . Nabhi bhi sujan hai. Bhojan k bad pet dard hota hai. Highly weakness. Sir daba bata dijiya .

  12. Pardeep Chopra says

    Hello sir , always waiting for your video we have to add ayurveda in our subject. I am really addicted to ayurveda my doctor Dr.Vikram chauhan always suggested the diet and some ayurvedic products. Believe me every products or diet plan I am using are justt wow. Thanks to the doctor and planet ayurveda for the amazing products.

  13. Alfred Hitchcock says

    Puro kwentong barbero itong Bumbay na ito

  14. Lovepreet Singh says

    Ayurveda I one of the oldest holistic healing systems. it is based on that health depends upon the balance between mind, body, and spirit. I followed planet Ayurveda which takes care of the patient first and then treats the disease from its root case. planet Ayurveda team also guides you about your health very perfectly.

  15. Deepon Chaudhuri says

    Artificial intelligence cannot diagnose a condition because computers cannot different between Subjective and objective signs and symptoms of a disease.

  16. Rony says

    Ayurved is not only a system of medicine,it is something which is beyond our assumption, maybe something like enlightment .

  17. Sarthak Rajyaguru says


  18. Sreedevi Prabhu says

    Does isha have treatment for indigestion.can help b provided.canot walk with inflation on leg.due to wrong medicine now has become constipation.r ther good doctor available

  19. True said by Sadguru,
    Ayurveda means science of life
    Ayu means life veda means science
    That's why Ayurveda is best

  20. SWAAP says

    So much has already been lost due to invasions and influence of western culture.

  21. A Vairavan. says

    Ayurvedham , helps me a lot to cure my mental illness…..
    Thank you , siddhars and munivars….God Dhanvanthri….

  22. Nived VS says

    Modern medicine is not called Alopathy . First learn that .. Alopathy is an old pseudo medicine…
    So use the term 'modern medicine '

  23. Cordatus says

    AYUSH ministry has signed MoU wtih American Herbal Pharmacopoeia to export and popularize ayurvedic products and process in US and also in Croatia.

  24. 18UPH050 ROSHAN says

    Though the sounds of silver and copper may rise but the value of gold(life saving allopathy) will never decrease…❤️

  25. Dhanyam Organic Kitchen says

    Thank you so much for throwing light on Indian medicinal practices, importance of Yoga, naturopathy and indian way of living. Thanks Sadhguru Ji

  26. fan of destiny says

    Ayurveda vacancy

  27. MatchBox20 says

    What a waste! Indian Ayurvedic medicine is a joke – dabur, baidyanath, nagarjuna etc are all making ineffective medicine for chronic problems. Indian Ayurvedic doctors are taking the masses for a ride.

  28. Vaibhav Singh says

    Great love you 😘 Sadhguru

  29. Viyath Araliya says

    indeed/ love indian vedic knowledge system which is far more advanced than western science. shame mughals burned nalanda university. love from Sri Lanka.

  30. priya says

    that is malladihalli swami,who lives 106 years.

  31. Sreejith says

    I am amused by the number of educated idiots in India who follow this conman

  32. Vrushank Kamble says

    After spending 2 lakhs in tinea versicolor in allopathy altogether in 2 years , ayurveda cured it in less than 4k in less than 6 months ❤️🔥

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