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  1. Rishabh says

    Thanks for this knowledge! Can WE MIX GROUND NUTS WITH MILK?

  2. Rehana Akter says

    I am from Bangladesh. My age is 48. Can i add yoghurt with this??

  3. Hemanth TM says

    it helps in both weight loss and weight gain

  4. ANKIT YADAV says

    Is it good for gaining weight?

  5. Tommy Tye says

    Are we talking raw peanuts?

  6. Satishkumar Adepu says

    Thank you Sadhguru Ji ✨✨✨

  7. Prince Ekeson says

    When I was growing up I always thought ground and nuts or "grannuts" because of my parents thick Nigerian accent. Then later on I realized that they were peanuts. 🥜+🍌= 👌

  8. Sarat Thongam says

    Yes ,it is workable to me!!! Thank you !!! Guruji

  9. BR D says






  12. Mintu Saren says

    Guru nanak chul kata nisidhha.

  13. Sagar Awate says

    Great breakfast

  14. Maximus says

    I am addicted to groundnuts

  15. Anjappa Naranolla says

    Will try

  16. Gopal Kavali says

    Thank you

  17. पार्थ (Parth) says

    नमस्कार सद गुरु जी,
    हो सके तो जवाब जरूर दीजियेगा।
    मैं ध्यान केंद्रित करने की बहुत कोशिश करता हूं पर कर नही पाता और सुबह जागने के मात्र एक घण्टे बाद फिर से नींद आने लगती है और ऐसा पूरा दिन होता रहता है।

  18. Manju V says

    Is it good to take groundnut regularly as mentioned in the way the video shows

  19. Indeependennt Whole says

    ফোট লেওড়া।।।

  20. Mari Emanuelsson says


  21. Lapis Lazuli says

    The problem is that groundnuts as Sadghuru calls them (or peanuts) have aflatoxins in them. A kind of fungus. I’m surprised he doesn’t mention this and know this? I love peanuts but I don’t eat them because of aflatoxins. Just look it up. He also advocates banana and honey and all those things are high in calories so if you’re trying to lose weight this advice isn’t right. We know that all of that tastes amazing!!! Yes of course it does! It’s sugar and protein! What’s not to love?…. but …. NOT if you want to lose weight!

  22. Rossco603 says

    do you mean peanut? what kind of ground nut.

  23. Rajitha V nair says

    Classic food.Tried.instant energy .

  24. Legcy yt says

    Bhai ka bolau ha ee kucho samjh me na allu 🙂 angreji na samjh abe bari 🙃

  25. vinay tiwari says

    May I put milk in place of water for not ?

  26. Megha says

    thank u very very very much for these video 🙂🙂

  27. Sp1 Pp says

    In India it's mostly known as groundnuts only

  28. Carol Barrett says

    Don´t take the honey away from the bees. They need every drop for themselves. We have zero right to take it.

  29. ROHAN KUMAR says

    Can i add milk in peanut and banana mixture instead of water

  30. Dania Baez says


  31. Gopal Kavali says

    Good sir👑

  32. 5PADE xPIRATE says

    Can I add milk to this

  33. Bindu Bindu says

    Can diabetic patients use this

  34. UNTOUCHED says


  35. l n says

    should peanuts be roasted or cooked ? and should i remove peanut cover?

  36. Saroja Pradhan says

    Pranam thanku Guruji for information 👏👏👏

  37. Average Guy says

    I tried but its testless.. what can i add for test?

  38. Abinet Abate says

    Please someone tell me what kind of seeds he used it ?

  39. Bharath MN says

    Eating this my stomach won't fill.

  40. Roberto Ambrosio S. says

    The peanuts are raw and soaked in water or they are roasted and then soaked in water? Can anybody help

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